Welcome to La Maison Khenata, your home ...

La Maison Khenata is a house dedicated to the craft of artisanal agarwood oils from both Far East jungles wild agarwood trees and organic farms.

As La Maison Khenata's aim is to introduce you how much different an artisanaly distilled oil is compared to cheaper factories oils wich are basically compilations of harvested fractions and ABSOLUTELY not shows the true essence  of the tree, we made the choice to produce only small batches that La Maison Khenata can carefuly control, fraction per fraction.

The particular passion for the distillation of precious oils has guided us towards the most respected veterans of this art.

To restore them by affixing our signature  is for us a way of paying homage to them and sharing with you a piece of their legacy adding our own perfumey signature that only a french perfume house can give while being pure oils. 

When you swipe an oil from La Maison Khenata, you will recognize both of our signature : the beautiful smell of a classy french house perfume and the meditative state of mind that only the classiest artisanaly distilled wild agarwood and sandalwood can bring.

We wish you a the most delighful journey with La Maison Khenata, your home...